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MADCAP Theaters Shuts Down Again Due to Air Conditioning Problems; Cult Classics Screenings Relocated to Tempe Pollack Cinemas

If you had hoped to check out this weekend's screenings of Blade Runner at MADCAP Theatres, or any of the other films scheduled to be shown at the independent movie house during the next few weeks, you're going to need to make some new plans.

The Mill Avenue theater and events venue, which is owned by the City of Tempe, has been shut down by its proprietors for the foreseeable future due to its air conditioning breaking down.

As a result, all upcoming events at MADCAP through the end of the summer have been cancelled, including Saturday's screenings of the 1982 cult sci-fi favorite starring Harrison Ford.

If this situation sounds eerily familiar, it's only because almost the exact same thing happened last summer when MADCAP's proprietors closed the theater from July until September after the air conditioning went kaput.

According to booking agent Terri Howard, the theatre's A/C has broken down once again, only there's no estimate on when it will be fixed this time around.

While there's no timeframe on when MADCAP will reopen, Howard says they're hoping to be up and running again in the fall when temperatures cool. Local movie buff Victor Moreno, who was showing Blade Runner this weekend as a part of his ongoing Cult Classics film series, is equally optimistic and hopes to be screening flicks at the theatre sometime in October.

In the meantime, he will be moving his next few events to Pollack Tempe Cinemas at McClintock Drive and Elliott Road, including the upcoming screening of '80s vampire classic The Lost Boys on September 8.

"Pollack is a good fit," Moreno says. "[The] theater is nice and big and staff is accommodating."

And best of all, the A/C is working.

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