MonOrchid Wants Your Instagram Photos for a Summer Exhibition in Phoenix

These days it seems everyone's a photographer. Even if you have no idea what the rule of thirds means, chances are that device in your pocket is what you use to capture memories of your kid, create envy-inducing images of desert sunsets, or carefully frame everyday life. What's even more likely is that you use Instagram to do that.

Beyoncé has more than 10 million pairs of eyeballs "liking" and commenting on her pictures. Photographer Theron Humphrey took pictures of his dog and turned them into a book with a popular following. Hell, even we have an account.

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The prominence of mobile picture sharing prompted curators at downtown Phoenix artist collective and gallery MonOrchid to create a show entirely with application photography. And they want your pictures.

Artists, amateurs, and app-heavy users are asked to submit their work for an upcoming summer show. The group collection, titled "Social Photography: An experiment with virtual and physical space," is exactly what the name implies.

The thesis is simple and experimental enough: How does social networking work in the physical world as opposed to the virtual one? The idea is to take phone photography, that might typically be shared on social networking platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and give it a physical presence.

Any submitted images need to be created and edited using a mobile device, most commonly an iPhone or Android via Instagram. Images will then be printed as six-by-six-inch photographs and hung in MonOrchid's Bokeh Gallery.

The pieces will hang as is from June through August, without attribution or framing. Each photograph will be available for sale at $20 per piece, with the proceeds benefiting MonOrchid owner Wayne Rainey's Shade Projects, a local nonprofit focusing on community involvement in the arts.

Entries must be saved as high-quality digital files (JPEG format) and uploaded through the Image Craft Social Photography Portal. Aspiring artists can also email [email protected] for details.

Deadline for submissions for the first showing is Saturday, May 31, but submissions will be accepted through Friday, August 1. Images will be shown throughout the summer, beginning in June and rotating throughout.

For more information, visit Monorchid online.

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