PhotoTapas 2015 Events Aim to Enrich Metro Phoenix's Photography Community

Sometimes, you walk into a gallery and it's like you've bitten off more than you can chew. We get that it can be overwhelming, and so do the people behind PhotoTapas. In its third year, this series of events, overseen by Art Intersection, aims to give guests smaller tastes of Arizona's local photographic talent that may be easier to digest.

Just like traditional Spanish tapas, the more intimate setting of PhotoTapas events is meant to encourage discussion and a deeper appreciation of the art. The events once again spread across the Valley with one in Tucson and are sure to give a sampling of the various flavors of Arizona's photography. Though some events may be subject to change, here's what PhotoTapas has going on so far this year:

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"Marching to the Freedom Dream" Art Intersection January 10 through March 7

Images by Dan Budnik focus on three historic Civil Rights Movement marches: 1958 Youth March for Integrated Schools in Washington, D.C., the 1963 'I Have a Dream' March also in Washington D.C., and the 1965 Selma to Montgomery March for Voting Rights in Alabama.

"Home Bound" Art Intersection January 17 through February 28

Art Intersection curator Carol Panaro-Smith uses images to look at what "home" is and the relationship that people have with it, both as a sanctuary and a prison.

"Astronomical: Photographs of our Solar System and Beyond" Center for Creative Photography at University of Arizona January 31 through May 17

Mankind has pretty much always been interested in stars, planets, comets, and anything else we can see floating around in space. And photography has always been a means to further study the stars since the time someone took a camera and pointed it up. This exhibition at the University of Arizona features pieces from scientists to amateur photographers all attempting to better grasp the universe. Xavier Debeerst, one of the world's leading experts on astrophotography will lecture during the opening reception on Thursday, February 26, from 6 to 8 p.m.

"As I Nod to My Influences I Want to Float" Tilt Gallery February 2 through February 28

Brenton Hamilton gets a little introspective in this exhibition while using both black glass ambrotypes and cyanotypes on paper, some of the first photographic capturing and printing processes, respectively.

"Alternative Lineage" Arizona State University Northlight Gallery February 3 through March 21

Curated by Shelby Graham, who is also featured in the exhibition, "Alternative Lineage" is a sort of experiment on five generations of photographers, studying how each of the six participating photographers alter unconventional photographic practices over time.

"Diverse Analogue Photography" Method Arts Gallery February 5 through February 27

The artists of ImageWorks, a Phoenix-based group who focuses on large format fine art photography and alternative processes, will exhibit their various photographic skills during Art Walks throughout the month.

"Extended Family" Night Gallery February 6 through February 28

Young artists get the chance to shine as the Arizona State University School of Art and high school students from around the area partner for "Extended Family." Photographs from the high school students will explore familial relationships through the lens of their own families.

"The Ten Most Exciting Photographers I Learned About Last Year, Presented by Alan Rapp" InFocus at Phoenix Art Museum February 11

Alan Rapp, editor and visual book consultant, will present his 10 favorite photographers he discovered over the past year. After the presentation, audience members will have the chance to vote on their favorite. InFocus will then purchase a print from the winner to be raffled off at next year's event. One audience member will have the chance to win a high-quality print by Lauren Marsolier, who won last year's audience vote.

"Fugue in Dark and Light by Luis Salazar" Modified Arts February 20 through March 17

Luis Salazar utilizes the human form in a series of dance movements and the reflection of light off of the dancers' gowns to illustrate the relationship between light and dark.

"Celebrating Photography" Art Intersection February 21

This all-day workshop and portfolio sharing goes from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Several different artists will be featured as speakers and Claire A. Warden will be taking ambrotype portraits. A Spanish tapas lunch will be served. For a full schedule of the day, visit

"Exposure 2015 A Cultural Journey" Heard Museum February 21

This night of cocktails, live music, and photography will feature photographs and photography trips for sale in both a live and silent auction to benefit homeless and at-risk children, educational opportunities for children and adults, and Through Each Others Eyes, which encourages people to share their global perspectives through photography. The gala will honor John R. Norton Vision Award recipient Allen Dutton, who was a photography instructor at Phoenix College and advanced photography in Arizona. Tickets start at $100 and can be purchased at The deadline to RSVP is Friday, February 13.

"Picture Framing for Photographers" Fine Art Framing February 22

Owner of Fine Art Framing Richard Laugharn, who is also a fine art photographer himself, will lead photographers through a demonstration of the art of picture framing.

For more information about PhotoTapas' events, visit

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