Visual Arts

Pop-Up Park and Peritoneum Sculpture Created Next to MonOrchid

There are dozens of vacant lots scattered around Central Phoenix, each of which are eyesores strewn with dirt, broken glass, and broken dreams. And if it were up to Dorina Bustamante and her cohorts, every last one of 'em would become beautiful public spaces filled with art and greenery.

They've already transformed the Ro2 lot at Second and Roosevelt streets, which has been given a makeover of green grass, benches, and a colossal blue wooden public art piece created by ASU students and entitled Peritoneum.

The freestanding "organic shade and seating sculpture" is the centerpiece of the verdant pop-up park (which is adjacent to MonOrchid and will hold its opening reception tonight) and a perfect example of how vacant properties can become temporary oases via short-term improvements and art work, Bustamante says.

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