Robert Black's Kickass Job

Robert Black is a household name in Phoenix.

The Ford/Robert Black Modeling Agency is responsible for booking the best models in town. And the guy owns the Fashion by Robert Black store in Scottsdale.

Working with beautiful women in beautiful settings with beautiful clothing? Yeah, we'd say he's got a kickass job. Now find out what he has to say about it.

How'd you get that kickass job?
I created it. If you cant get a job, make one up!

What's the first job you ever had?
I was 15 and a busboy in the Chaparral Room at the Camelback Inn.

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Robert Black's Kickass Job

Worst job you ever had?
A busboy at the Camelback Inn...a total nightmare!

Worst job you can imagine?
One sitting in a gray office or cubicle calling people like me that hang up on you...okay, I at least warn them I am going to hang up!

List three awesome things you did at work in the past year.
I created my own happiness! I found my passion outside of the bedroom! I met former super model Tatiana Sorokko (run to the Phoenix Art Museum and see her collection on exhibit) and Mr. Galanos, my favorite all-time Hollywood Designer (the rest of them are dead).

Name a job you'd quit this one for.
My own fashion television show...(maybe my next creation).

How do we get your job?
Shop in my store...the more you buy, the more I make so I can hire more staff!!!!!

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