Sci-Fi Meets Antiquity at the Alwun House's Intertemporalist Steampunk Exposition

What do you get when you cross Victorian-era substance and science fiction-style imagery? Steampunk.

This sub-genre of sci fi and fantasy art is hitting its stride in Phoenix and celebrating with an exhibition and masquerade this weekend at the Alwun House.

"It's kind of like sticking your head through time," says the House's Director, Kim Moody.

Jules Verne and H.G. Well are steampunk father figures, but the culture has taken on various forms as it has evolved.

Now, you'll find Steve Gompf's Televisors, which are pieces of antique furniture fitted with screens that have audio and visual tracks, and airships from Rand Lyons and Edward Schenk at the downtown Phoenix exhibit.

"People don't have to feel like they know what Steampunk is," says Moody. "It's more come and get to know it. Get to know the people and the art form."

The opening night party will center around the Wild West theme, complete with saloon girls, saloon shows and a little something called Rattlesnake Whiskey Punch.

"This is an intelligent show," Moody says. "It will be the most unusual experience you'll have in an art gallery."

The Intertemporalist Steampunk Exhibition opens Friday, April 1, 7p.m. at the Alwun House. It's $10 in advance, $15 at the door, and as will most events at the Alwun House, costumes are welcome.

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