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Seven ASU Sun Devil Dance Moves in Animated GIF

Think you're a die-hard fan of Arizona State University's football squad? Well, in all likelihood you're nowhere near as passionate about ASU pigskin as the hundreds of madcap maroon-and-gold-wearing college kids who occupy the student section at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe.

Spirited doesn't begin to describe the activities of the students who attend every single home game for ASU. These Sun Devils get plenty loud with nonstop cheers and a variety of rituals including shaking their car keys and hollering when an opposing team is about to receive a kick off. They're also known to shake their moneymakers whenever ASU scores a touchdown or unleash a trio of tomahawk chops during third down by ASU's opponents. Plus, they enjoy gathering out in the parking lot and getting into a rager before and after each game.

Such activity was in abundance during the first Sun Devil game of the year on Thursday night, where the team kicked the crap out of the NAU Lumberjacks by a score of 63-6, which we captured and turned into several humorous animated GIFs for your enjoyment.

Moves fit for a Scottsdale dance club.

Pushups are hard enough without getting punched in the face, yo.

One important rule to learn when tailgating at ASU: Know when to say when.

Put your hands in the air. Wave them around like you just don't care.

Facepaint worthy of a professional wrestler and war face worthy of Full Metal Jacket

Fork 'em hands are so heavy this Sun Devil has to switch to both arms.

Jump around! Jump around! Jump up, jump up and get down!

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