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Submit Your Creations for the Upcoming Maker Faire in Phoenix

Maker Faire isn't making its Phoenix debut until October, but organizers are on the lookout for local submissions through July 11.

The creatives behind the fair, which began in San Mateo, California in 2006, say they hope to bring together local creators of art, science, craft, and engineering backgrounds into an energized public forum to show off their work.

Tempe's Dave Uhlman, founder of Maker Bench and producer of the upcoming Phoenix Maker Faire says he's received more than 100 applications from artists, crafters, and manufacturers.

Find out more about the event and how to submit your work after the jump.

The first step to become a part of the Downtown showcase is to enter. Individuals with a passion to craft or groups that have completed a project (look at a list of examples) need to submit an entry explaining your project and yourself. We're talking robotics, puppets, and rockets, to name a few.

Phoenix-based groups Roosevelt RowMaker Bench Tempe, and Tony Felice PR are coordinating and producing the event, and will accept applications online for the daylong exhibition through the event's website. Uhlman says he's been amazed by the modesty of the Phoenix arts community.

"We have gotten a lot of inquiries [by makers] wondering if their ideas are 'good enough,' when their talent and projects are just phenomenal," he says.

Questions about participating, volunteering, or sponsoring? Send an email to Maker Faire Phoenix.

And in the meantime, check out the video of Satya Kraus, a California Maker Faire participant below:

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