We're Doomed: Russian Mogul Claims Humans Will Be Immortal by 2045

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Dmitry Itskov has an interesting view of the future.

The Russian business mogul is on a mission to create cybernetic immortality and, according to Discovery, has gathered resources and a team to create brain-controlled "functional holographic human avatars" that will be up and running within the next 33 years.

If you happen to be a billionaire, he's asking for your help -- and he doesn't mean through Kickstarter.

Itskov founded the 2045 Initiative, a nonprofit that will, one day (hopefully far far away) will be the source of a population of holographic avatars (not unlike Tupac's return) that would be controlled wirelessly, of sorts.

He writes that the project's goal is to "save people from suffering and death." And his plan looks a little like this:

Phase one: a robotic human copy is controlled by a brain-like interface. Phase two: a robotic human copy controlled by a brain that would be transported at the end of life. Phase three: a robotic human copy controlled by an artificial brain. Final phase: an immortal avatar that contains human intelligence.

Itskov wrote a public letter to the members of Forbes World's Billionaires List, reproduced below:

Honorable Members of Forbes World's Billionaires List,

In 2012 alone, 16 new members brought your number to 1,226 people, and your total fortune from 100 billion to $ 4.6 trillion. You have worked hard to achieve amazing results, and often even compromising your health, your longevity. And unfortunately, modern medicine is still the medicine of a hundred percent mortality - the best it can do is to temporarily delay the process of human aging.

But it no longer has to be this way.

Many of you who have accumulated great wealth by making success of your businesses are supporting science, the arts and charities. I urge you to take note of the vital importance of funding scientific development in the field of cybernetic immortality and the artificial body. Such research has the potential to free you, as well as the majority of all people on our planet, from disease, old age and even death.

Contributing to cutting-edge innovations in the fields of neuroscience, nanotechnology and android robotics is more than building a brighter future for human civilization, but also a wise and profitable business strategy that will create a new and vibrant industry of immortality - limitless in its importance and scale. This kind of investment will change every aspect of business as we know it: the pharmaceutical industries, transportation, medicine, energy generation, construction techniques, to cite a few.

Currently you invest in business projects that will bring you yet another billion. You also have the ability to finance the extension of your own life up to immortality. Our civilization has come very close to the creation of such technologies: it's not a science fiction fantasy. It is in your power to make sure that this goal will be achieved in your lifetime.

For anyone interested, but skeptical, I am ready to prove the viability of the concept of cybernetic immortality by arranging an expert discussion with a team of the world's leading scientist working in this field.

I will also be willing to coordinate your personal immortality project entirely free of charge for the sake of speeding up the development of these technologies.

Honorable businessmen and businesswomen, members of the Forbes richest list: human life is unique and priceless. It is only when we have to part with life do we realize just how much we have not done, that we have not had enough time to do what we really wanted or to address something we've done wrong. Everything that we have cherished and loved all of a sudden becomes unreachable.

Today you have a unique chance to change this situation. And at the same time bring invaluable benefits to your countries and the world as well as make a mark in history by supporting the creation of the new industry of immortality. You have the power to support and create a new industry of immortality to make revolutionary change that will forever reverberate through the pages of history.

With wishes of health and limitless life-span,

Dmitry Itskov 2045 Initiative founder www.2045.com

Now, who's making a cocktail?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.