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William "Boomer" Baker of Fifth Finger Tattoo on Ink as Art and the Gun Accident That Changed his Life

When William "Boomer" Baker lost his left index finger to a gun malfunction about a decade ago, he thought it was the end of his artistic career. Instead, it turned out to be just the life-changing event that he needed.

"I used to collect guns. One time I was messing with a gun, and it malfunctioned in my hand and took my finger," Boomer says. "I figured I wasn't going to be able to draw. I was worried that I'd have nothing to keep me sane, so I'd be getting into trouble and just doing stuff that wasn't good for me. Instead, it kind of made me switch to all art, all the time. It motivated me to show everyone that it's just a finger."

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Josh Chesler
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