Jacob Tyler Dunn

The Stockyards Restaurant and 1889 Saloon

Courtesy of The Stockyards
When you're carrying a heavy title like "Arizona's original steakhouse" on your hip, you better be ready to fire it off. And that's exactly what's done daily at The Stockyards Restaurant and 1889 Saloon. Around since 1947 on Washington Street, the Stockyards was once a go-to chow stop for cattlemen from the Tovrea Land and Cattle Co. and other prominent members of early Phoenix. Now, the classic restaurant has a reputation for serving New West cuisine — primarily, corn-fed, aged steaks and prime rib — but today's menu hasn't diverted all that much from the original. Other specialties include Paloma Ranch calf fries, American bison meatloaf, the Arizona cut steak, and some beloved baking soda biscuits. And who could resist a whiskey in the 1889 Saloon, designed by Mrs. Cattle Baron herself, Helen Tovrea? Sit yourself down and have a seat, partner. New Normal: Contactless menu and payment options are available, as well as socially distanced seating.

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