Benjamin Leatherman

The Womack

The Womack takes its cues from Phoenix’s past, paying tribute to one of the city’s most famed cocktail parlors. Opened in 2016 by local restaurateur Tucker Woodbury in the heart of Seventh Street’s upscale restaurant district, it's a stylish homage to downtown’s long-defunct Chez Nous lounge, mimicking its layout, ambiance, and swanky look, right down to the gold and black flocked wallpaper and dimly lighted setting. (The name itself is a reference to Chez Nous’ original owners, Andy and Maureen Womack.) Other tips of the hat include the mirrored ceiling, vintage fixtures, tuck-and-roll vinyl booths, a parquet dance floor, and a roster of local funk and R&B musicians performing on the regular. A cocktail menu with classics like the sloe gin fizz, cobbler, and mint julep also plays into the throwback theme. Its selection of small plates and shareable items like bruschetta, stuffed mushrooms, or house-made French onion dip are a break from the past (Chez Nous didn’t have a kitchen), proving you can teach an old lounge new tricks.