10 Music Videos Better Than Their Songs

One day, we'll all tell our children (and/or grandchildren) about why the 24-hour reality television channel is called MTV. We'll say something like "Sonny, there was once a time, when I was just a wee child, when that station played music videos."

"A music video on television? That's preposterous, grandpa/grandma. I thought those only ever existed on YouTube," our grandchildren will telepathically communicate to us via computer chips implanted in our brains.

We'll recall fondly how through the very beginning of the 21st century (or the "double-O's," as we'll hopefully call them), music videos actually mattered. We'll explain that relatively mediocre performers like R. Kelly and Lady Gaga could become huge stars thanks to elaborate music videos (and peeing on people).

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Josh Chesler
Contact: Josh Chesler