10 Summer Songs

Pull up a lawn chair, grab a fruity frozen drink, and add these 10 songs to your summertime playlist. Don't forget the sunscreen; you're in for lots of long, lazy days in the sun.

1. Best Coast: Summer Mood
Best Coast's first full-length album, Crazy for You, is full of sunny, lovesick anthems. In this song, Bethany Cosentino croons, "Ooh I want you," but that doesn't change the fact that there's just something about the summer.
Best Coast - Summer Mood by marinak

2. Cults: Go Outside
Between playing a xylophone and Madeline Follin's dresses that are part nightgown, part Twiggy, this up and coming duo has a certain innocence about them. This optimistic track yearns to take a break from lying around the house all day.
Cults - Go Outside by wereofftherails

3. Tennis: Take me Somewhere
Cape Dory is another album that stands on its own for summertime jams. Opening track "Take me Somewhere," paints an image of waves crashing on some far away beach. We can't help but fantasize about the beach as we also "swelter in the summer heat."

4.The Chantays: Pipeline
What's a summer playlist without some surf music? "Misirlou" and "Wipe out" also come to mind, but "Pipeline" was famously covered by Dick Dale, and was also performed by The Ventures, Agent Orange, and even Anthrax. Inspired by pipeline surfing in Endless Summer, The Chantays did it first.
The Chantays - Pipeline by dhash

5. Beach Boys: Surfin' USA
The majority of The Beach Boys' discography could be on this list, but in the spirit of all these songs about surf, sand, and sun, "Surfin' USA" seems fitting. Chuck Berry is credited as the song's composer, due to its similarities to "Sweet Little Sixteen." Maybe in forty years, Lady Gaga can give Madonna the same kind of credit.

6. Chad and Jeremy: A Summer Song
If you listen to this and think about Max Fischer stocking an aquarium, my hat's off to you for being an avid Rushmore fan. The lyrics and melody capture the essence of the summer; no wonder Max was trying to impress Miss Cross with a bunch of fish.

7. Grizzly Bear: Two Weeks
This has got to be the cheeriest song about a turbulent relationship I have ever heard. Like "Knife," "Two Weeks" combines doo wop and unease in a beautiful song. The punchy piano and Victoria Legrand's distant vocals make this song perfect for those long summer months.

8. Modest Mouse: The Ocean Breathes Salty
"Float On" would have been the obvious choice for a Modest Mouse song. "The Ocean Breathes Salty" employs similar upbeat hooks while Isaac Brock contemplates the afterlife.

9. Chicago: Saturday in the Park
The song was inspired by, well...a Saturday in Central Park. It's usually too hot to visit Phoenix parks in the summer, but we can relate to eating ice cream on the Fourth of July. Can you dig it?

10. Buffalo Springfield: For What it's Worth
Not every summer song needs to be about a fun day at the beach, nor should they be. Originally written about a conflict between youth and the LAPD, this song became definitive of the Vietnam War era. From the streets of Los Angeles to the jungles of Hanoi, this song embodies the feeling of sweat dripping down your brow in tense times.
Buffalo Springfield - "For What It's Worth" by thesoundbandits

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