10 Things Under $10 This Weekend: Body Modification, Ultimate Fighting, Skinny Dipping, and more

It's gonna be plenty toasty this weekend. Like, unbearably uncomfortable, or even Hell-worthy hot. The ever-smiling weatherbots of the 10 o'clock news set have been predicting for the past few days that its gonna get up to 115 gawdamned degrees (gulp) by Sunday afternoon.

So it might be wise to stay indoors during the daylight hours until Monday, lest you'd prefer to disintegrate into a pile of ash à la Stephen Dorff in Blade. Be sure to come outside after dusk, however, as much coolness will be afoot around the Valley in the form of myriad nighttime rock shows, DJ events, and even a few under-the-radar events you won't hear about anywhere else. As an added benefit, they're also less than $10 to boot.

Electric Summer Finals at Rogue Bar (Friday)
Over the past month or so, more than two dozen local rock and indie outfits have been competing in a knockdown, drag out musical melee at the Scottsdale dive to determine who's got the goods and who shoulda stayed in their garage. Five bands have made it to the final round - including Mobius, Bonecookie, Another Tomorrow, and The Undertone - and they'll square off for the entertainment of PBR-drinking hipsters, as well as the grand prize of some studio time and airplay on KWSS FM. 8 p.m., $5. (423 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, 480-947-3580).

Largest Skinny-Dip Across America at Shangri-La (Saturday)
Okay, we take it back. There's at least one event during the daytime you might consider, especially since it involves attempting to set a Guinness World Record. One small caveat to keep in mind, however, is that involves swimming in the nude. As in butt naked. And around other people. Still reading? Here's the, uh, skinny: P-Town's infamous nudist hangout will be part of a nationwide effort by the American Association for Nude Recreation to stage the biggest birthday suit swim session of all time. At approximately noon Arizona time, thousands of brave souls will get bare-ass and hop into pools across the country, including at Shangri-La. Given the kind of saggy clientele that frequent the resort, however, be prepared to see a few spare tires and other bits of apidosed anatomy that really should be covered by a swimsuit. Sign-up is at 9 a.m. and everyone needs to be in the drink by high noon. $10. (44444 North Shangri La Lane, New River, 623-465-5900)

Save Our Guts Benefit (Saturday)
There's a lot of ghastly and bloody deeds that take place inside a
non-descript warehouse sitting in the shadows of the I-10/I-17
interchange. We're talking beheadings, disembowelings, stuff of that
nature. Is it a hideout for the Valley's newest serial killer? Nope,
more like a shooting stage for several local horror film companies.
Sadly, the place is in danger of losing its lease, so a fierce
fundraiser is being held to help stave off eviction. Highlights include
flesh-hook suspensions by Dani Danger of LifeSuspended, performances by
such outfits as Flying Monkey Demons and Blackened Skies, and raffles
for primo prizes like tattoo sessions and a role in an underground
slasher flick. 8 p.m., $10. (1011 North 21st Avenue)

UPDATE: Unfortunately this event was canceled at the last minutes for unspecified reasons. D'oh.

Cornish Pasty Getdown at Yucca Tap Room (Saturday)

Given that the mouth-watering meat pies served by the Cornish Pasty Co. are so enticing (heck, we'd gladly crawl across the Valley on hands and knees to either of its locations just to get a taste), we're expecting that any event being sponsored by the restaurant will prove to be just as tempting. The line-up for the night looks pretty damn promising at any rate, featuring music from swamp rockers the Dagg Nabbit Stubbs, indie mavens Small Leaks Sinks Ships, and experimental popsters Saecelia. 9 p.m., free (29 West Southern Avenue, Tempe, 480-967-4777)

Aura at Plaza de Anaya - World Fusion Studio (Saturday)
Raves rage on nearly every weekend around this 'berg, but this monthly psytrance event put on by the Overmind Works collective offers something that most all-night dancefests don't: Namely, no worries about getting busted by the cops. It's being held in a 100-percent legal venue (specifically, a dance studio), which means you can PLUR your heart out without the threat of fuzz-related buzzkills. DJs Spyder, Hahn the Barbarian, and three others provide the soundtrack. 9 p.m., $5-$8 (524 West Broadway Road, Tempe, 480-894-8777)

UFC 100 Viewing Party at Native New Yorker (Saturday)
Brock Lesnar is one bad, bad man. The Minnesota-born shootfighter is a 6-foot-3, 265-pound behemoth who's got a square head and hands of stone. After dominating both amateur and professional wrestling (he's a former NCAA and WWE champ), the corn-fed colossus proceeded to majorly bitch-slap Randy Couture and claim the UFC crown last November. Now he's facing Frank Mir this weekend and if you can't cough up the $44.95 for the pay-per-view, head for this Metro Center eatery to watch all the fisticuffs free of charge. Promo girls from Casa Noble, Three Olives, and Jäger will be in the house, and prizes, giveaways, and drink specials will also be offered. Try to get there early before all the douches in Affliction and Tapout tees snag the best seats. 9 p.m., free. (9620 North Metro Parkway West, 602-443-4400)

DJ Masta Monk at American Junkie (Sunday)
Ultra-talented spinster Masta Monk presents an afternoon of music at the Old Town Scottsdale sports bar/nightspot, with his setlist including plenty of  dynamic hipster-hop and electro tracks like his signature "Dirty Booty" mix. 4 p.m., free. (4363 North 75th Street, Scottsdale, 480-990-3000).

Black Carl and guests at Rhythm Room (Sunday)
What's the raison d'être of local concert promoter Icon Music? Per its MySpace page: "Weeding through the musical crap and serving up interesting nuggets without an agenda." Can they walk the walk? If the lineup of this weekend's show (which features such funk-oriented acts as Black Carl, the Nick Heward Band, Ten Dollar Outfit, and Delcoa) is any indication, then the answer is unequivocally yes. 6 p.m., $7. (1019 East Indian School Road, 602-265-4842)

Sunday Services at SideBar (Sunday)
If you're more in the mood for sipping some cocktails in the dark, this trendy CenPho drinking den is offering 20 percent discounts on every single beverage in the house, whether it's a premium beer like Pilsner Urquell or perhaps a Sidebar signature cocktail. And if that isn't enticing enough, DJ Delikacy will be dropping fresh beats on your ass all night long. Best of all there's no cover whatsoever. 9 p.m. (1514 North Seventh Avenue, 602-254-1646)

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