10 Things We Learned Over Super Bowl Weekend

It's taken us a few days to decompress from the Super Bowl. But now that the out-of-towners have fled, we've thought back onto the previous weekend and come up with some reflections on some of the nightlife events that had our fair Valley looking more like Las Vegas than Arizona. Here are our thoughts on what happened.

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Beacher's Madhouse is Insane Beacher's Madhouse in Los Angeles used to be a favorite nightclub hangout for Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. Now, the performance troupe, which combines vaudeville, midgets, impersonation, and stripping into the most insane, senses-bashing party you'll ever attend, has a residency in Vegas. In Scottsdale Saturday, the full spectrum of insane was on display. Two mini Lil Waynes did back-up dance for a Big Beyonce. A Rocky Balboa and a Chris Farley impersonator schmoozed their way through the crowd. A tiny stripper less than two feet tall, Sassie Cassie, pole-danced and did handstand push-ups. Dollar bills were flying everywhere. It was like being in a twisted circus on acid all night, viewed through a fish-eye lens. DAVID ACCOMAZZO

You Don't Have To Be a Country Fan to Enjoy Darius Rucker Country singer Darius Rucker (it's still hard not to refer to him as Hootie) played the Coors Light Birds Nest, and his show was a success. He had the ladies dancing and the guys holding their drinks in the air as he belted out his country jams while mixing in some fun covers, including Prince's "Purple Rain" and, of course, some Hootie & the Blowfish tunes.

It turns out that the ladies still wanted to hold his hand during the sold-out show. We wouldn't be surprised to see back next year. JIM LOUVAU

Kid Rock Was the Best Birds Nest Performer in Years Fans were clearly excited to see the self-proclaimed American bad-ass Kid Rock, and he sold out the Birds Nest quicker than any artist to ever play what is the best party of the year. Rock couldn't have been a better fit for the rowdy party atmosphere in the tent .

The "Kid" who is now 44 years old was as youthful as ever and did a great job of playing early heavier material like "American Badass" and "Devil Without a Cause," with songs your mother would enjoy, like "Picture" and "Born Free." JIM LOUVAU

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