10 Ways Wet Electric Attendees Endured the Cold

Cloudy skies, gushing winds and 60-degree temperatures greeted day one of the East Valley's annual water-park not-a-rave at Big Surf Water Park in Tempe on Saturday. Although the sun pushed away the clouds in the afternoon, conditions were slightly less than ideal. This is unfortunate for the festival goers, given how the summer heat has recently pushed its way into spring.

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Regardless, the show went on. The sunny skies and cool breeze were a refreshing alternative to the expected high heat, and it didn't seem to faze the attendees. The smell of suntan oil on baking bodies filled the entryway. Festival-goers came shirtless in bikinis and board shorts with the occasional flower headband, captain's hat or other common festival accessory.

Music lovers, ravers, festival junkies, partiers, fans -- whatever you want to call them, their spirit and energy to seize the moment, regardless of the conditions they're in, is what makes the festival experience so damn addictive. Here's how festival goers endured the wind and cold at Wet Electric this year. And if this entices you, the second round is happening at Talking Stick Resort and Casino in Scottsdale today.

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Amanda Savage
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