10 Ways Wet Electric Attendees Endured the Cold

Cloudy skies, gushing winds and 60-degree temperatures greeted day one of the East Valley's annual water-park not-a-rave at Big Surf Water Park in Tempe on Saturday. Although the sun pushed away the clouds in the afternoon, conditions were slightly less than ideal. This is unfortunate for the festival goers, given how the summer heat has recently pushed its way into spring.

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Regardless, the show went on. The sunny skies and cool breeze were a refreshing alternative to the expected high heat, and it didn't seem to faze the attendees. The smell of suntan oil on baking bodies filled the entryway. Festival-goers came shirtless in bikinis and board shorts with the occasional flower headband, captain's hat or other common festival accessory.

Music lovers, ravers, festival junkies, partiers, fans -- whatever you want to call them, their spirit and energy to seize the moment, regardless of the conditions they're in, is what makes the festival experience so damn addictive. Here's how festival goers endured the wind and cold at Wet Electric this year. And if this entices you, the second round is happening at Talking Stick Resort and Casino in Scottsdale today.


Liquor and beer were flowing more than the water on the slides. Once alcohol processes through the bloodstreams of dance music fans, their enthusiasm goes from 100 percent to 150.

Ass Slapping

Masochists have their own way of keeping warm, with a bit of a burn.

Canoodling their Lovers

When you're in love, nothing else seems to matter. Couples absorbed in the moment were not hard to find in the grassy areas of the event - awww.


Dancing is the most obvious cure to the cold, and the most fun.


Push-ups are a sure and true way to get your blood pumping. Why not? You only run a slight risk of looking like a douche.

Fur Accessories

Spirit Hoods and boots with the fur have are basically part of the dance music event uniform. While they would present some discomfort in 90-degree dry heat, it made sense given the conditions.


The wind and cold don't have anything on you when your body radiates natural hotness.


OK, mermaids don't really make a difference. But MERMAIDS!

Not Going in the Water

The water in the wave pool was absolutely freezing. To those who were able to enjoy it unfazed, touché. Most people stuck to the beach, walkways and grassy areas for their music fix.

Positive Vibes

The right attitude makes all of the difference. When you go somewhere for the right reasons, and see the good, nothing can faze you.

Critic's Notebook

Yesterday: DJ Lujan, Nuck 'n' Futz, Dean Mason, Dzeko and Torres, Crizzy, Manufactured Superstars, Dash Berlin, Thomas Gold and Stonebridge/Ricky Rocks. Personal Bias: It was a good time. The space was fairly small, which gave it an intimate, laid-back day at the pool kind of vibe.

Overheard: "Who wants to slap my ass?!"

Audience: College kids, Old Town's service industry and ravers young and old.

Random Notebook Dump: Negative: There was no overnight parking, which meant people either had to take cabs or drive fucked-up. Positive: They added another bar which helped immensely with drink lines.

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