25 Best Club Candids Photos of September

Summer is officially over, which is both a blessing and a curse. Yeah, the heat may have dissipated (for the moment, at least) but that means the end of all those groovy pool parties. As the swim soirees drop off, however, you're gonna see club scene activity pick up a bit as new places open and everyone gears up for the fall.

September was a transitional month, to say the least, caught between the ending of one season and the beginning of another. Hence, our Club Candids coverage the past month featured Maya Day and Nightclub's last big pool party of the year and our first visit to newly opened spot RSVP Social Club.

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Besides hanging out by the pool, we also went under the sea with DJ Roya and DJ Funkfinger, and waded into the crowd at popular dance lounge (and recent Best of Phoenix winner) Cake Nightclub.

Tongue Tied's Under the Sea Dance at Apollo's

Having already taken their Tounge Tied partygoers and patrons on jaunts through the '90s, the Technicolor fantasy world of Lisa Frank, and even to the Olympics, the duo of DJ Roya and DJ Funkfinger had a different destination in mind for the latest episode of the monthly indie/retro dance party - underneath the waves of the deep blue sea. Ostensibly inspired by the Little Mermaid, the oceanic affair and costume party on Saturday, September 6, at Apollo's Lounge featured attendees dressed as dolphins, lobsters, sailors, sharks, and other denizens of the deep. And when Club Candids visited, we even got a chance to hang out with Broseidon, the king of the brocean.

Gotta get your shots in somehow.

They dressed this way on porpoise. And that's the claw of the land at Tongue Tied.

Broseidon, king of the brocean.


When Sharks Attack...the dance floor.

Maya Day and Nightclub's End of Summer Pool Party

Maya Day and Nightclub in Scottsdale wrapped up its 2014 summertime pool parties on Sunday, September 13, with a massive swim soiree that featured electro-house duo The Chainsmokers (famed for their inescapable club hit "#SELFIE") and special guests Siren, hundreds of bikini-clad attendees, bottles being popped, and a slew of inflatable toys. Oh, and there was also some actual swimming taking place to boot.

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers doing their thing.

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You'd feel just as ecstatic if you were lucky enough to be hanging out with them.

Don't look so surprised.

Summertime smiles.

Drinks anyone?

Cake Nightclub in Scottsdale

The Club Candids crew spent the evening of Sunday, September 21, in the company of the bottle poppers, go-go dancers, and party fiends populating chic Scottsdale spot Cake Nightclub and came away with photos aplenty. Valley night scene veteran D-JR was in the mix and kept things moving with bangers, remixes, and hot tracks while the club's patrons and its resident Cake Dolls raged away.

She digs the snapback.

Bottle service for one.

Just a peck.

She takes the cake.

D-JR gets into the groove.

RSVP Social Club in Scottsdale

RSVP Social Club, one of the newest arrivals to Scottsdale nightlife district, was busy with scenesters, socialites, dancers, and drinkers when Club Candids stopped by for a look-see and a few photographs on Saturday, September 27.

We must be seeing double.

Aww, don't be so coy.

Shut yo' mouth.

Inked up and tatted out.

...especially if you've got a couple armfuls of girls.

Steve Aoki...or, at the very least, his doppelganger.

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