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From house to rap, one of the coolest things about Phoenix's music scene is there's an abundance of variety constantly being released. Check out five songs from local artists released in May that should make you proud of the diverse Phoenix music scene.

"Killing the Langoliers," PRMR

PRMR pairs electronic dance music beats with passionate hip-hop, giving fans of all genres something to latch on to. The inspiration for "Killing the Langoliers" ranges from "the juxtaposition of modern inner-city turmoil and futuristic cyberpunk dreams" to "eating fast food while driving at 3 a.m. on a rainy night, and steering the wheel with your knee 'cause you're flipping through the car stereo," says vocalist/guitarist/synth player David Jackman. "We hope people keep an open mind when it comes to the odd, obscure, or non-standard, whether it's music, film, visual art, etc. When it comes to discovering, we should leave our shallow waters, dig deep and explore the vast colorful shared worlds that exist among us." Find it on the band's newly released album, Antennae.

"Mykonos (Original Mix)," by Adrian Michaels

In honor of his upcoming summer DJ trip to Greece, Adrian Michaels crafted a track he describes as outdoorsy and over-the-top -- one that "might go over well when everyone's peaking on the beach," he says. "'Mykonos' [sound] doesn't really fall in line with the commercial dance trends that are big right now in the U.S., and that was sort of my goal in its composition. It's more of a big, liberating type of track, really visceral and intense. When I hear it, I picture fire twirling and bright lights and maybe even native-type dancing outdoors, so I would hope this song gives people a sense of freedom, connection to our own universal energy and the music itself." Catch Michaels spin every third Saturday at 8 p.m. on Scottsdale Nights Radio.

"When You Burn (You're Gonna Scream)," The Limit Club

The Limit Club's "When You Burn (You're Gonna Scream)" is about a person battling with alternate personalities and struggling with their ego. Thankfull, there's a light at the end of the tunnel, and the band, along with co-directors Jeff Niemoeller and Ryan Hale, conveyed that sentiment in their new music video for the track. The video lights up random band members in the dark, until viewers are treated to a full band performance by the end -- including unique moves by drummer/percussionist Juan Carlos.

"Juan has a playing style that is atypical of the rockabilly or punk rock scene," singer/guitarist Nick Feratu says. "He stands up while playing and always ads a bit of personal spcie to our songs. 'When You Burn (You're Gonna Scream)' was inspired by Latin percussion, shaking guitars and dancing people." Indeed, this catchy track might inspire some moves of your own. "Some music scenes can be so rigid and uninspired," Feratu says. "It's time to shake things up."

The song is the first release from the band's upcoming Wild Four EP, which will be pressed on red vinyl and released in August. Catch the band on tour to support the EP before they head on their second European tour in 2015.

"DOTAB," Bear Ghost

Bear Ghost's music will make you feel like you're at a demented carnival, with sideshow melodies as the backdrops for elaborately silly storytelling. "I tried, but I never really got around to treating you like the queen you think you are," sings the band, "cause I didn't think you were worth it," in their single "DOTAB," which sounds more kick-your-feet-up-and-dance than melodramatic. The single is off their new five-song EP, Your Parents Are Only Marginally Disappointed in Your Musical Taste, produced locally by Jeremy Parker.

"Bear Ghost is an exhilarating experience that will leave you questioning your life's direction and/or making your leg muscles twitch in rhythm to our slick, slimy grooves," says vocalist/guitarist Thomas Knight. "Don't be frightened -- our band is not made up of live bears, dead bears or ghosts. However, we do not claim responsibility should our music summon any of the previously mentioned.Bear ghost is about mixing music, life, fun and you all into a spiraling wave of kick-ass." Like how they describe their band, the music will often leave you in hysterics. Catch them Saturday, June 7, at Hard Rock Cafe Phoenix.

"Consumed," Killfloor

Killfloor's "Consumed" sounds dark and angry -- and it is -- but the metal band wants listeners to be inspired to head toward the light with their new single off their four-song, recently released self-titled EP. "'Consumed' was inspired by people losing themselves to the negative forces in their lives, whether they be drugs, ideology, anger or anything else that can overtake someone's mind and leave them blind to it," says guitarist Dan Edwards. "We didn't want to write a happy ending because we think too often people don't make it out of these states and are 'consumed' by these demons. We hope the song sheds light on what can happen if you let yourself slip into a spiral of negativity." Catch the band perform the track live Saturday, June 21, at Mind's Eye in Phoenix.

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