Nerdzerker's rage-fueled video about video game cartridges makes the list.
Nerdzerker's rage-fueled video about video game cartridges makes the list.

5 Great New Music Videos from Phoenix Bands

In 2015, it is more important than ever that a band trying to get noticed can present more than just music, but an entire multimedia experience.

That doesn't just apply to those on the brink of stardom either. Bands at every level are working overtime to come up with interesting concepts for videos to better highlight their best singles. Here in Phoenix groups are releasing creative and fun videos at all levels from decently big budgeted productions to DIY.

Here are five spectacular local music videos.

"Everybody Lies (Truth Be Spoken)" - Travis James and the Acrimonious Assembly of Arsonists, Overdressed and Under Arrest

When Overdressed and Under Arrest was released in late 2014, Travis James claimed he was retiring from punk to work on his stage musical. It looks like canasta and shuffleboard didn't suit the enigmatic folk punker because he has returned to the punk world with his new music video for "Everybody Lies." The overall concept of the video is pretty straight forward, everybody lies, including James himself. The theatrical ideas that go into a musical definitely seeped into James' video and the overly theatrical frontman definitely showed his ass creatively, and literally as he appears in a fairly skippy dress in the video.

"BIC (Blowing Into Cartridges)" - Nerdzerker, Rage Quit Was there ever a more enraging experience than a video game cartridge not working? Nerdzerker definitely doesn't think so. Without a budget the nerdcore punk three-piece hilariously showed off their quirky sense of humor and aptness for pop culture references. Add in the over-the-top comedy of director and weed rapper extraordinaire Hotrock SupaJoint and the video is a hit. It's a little weird thinking about how the next generation after them may no longer appreciate the level of rage induced by repeatedly blowing into the ass end of a plastic game cartridge and getting nowhere.

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"John Wayne" - Field Tripp, Les Is Mormon The video for Field Tripp's song "John Wayne" off of his record Les is Mormon was released after his latest E.P., Warren Drughs, came out. But that is no surprise to anyone that knows frontman Dan Tripp. The country boy with the southern accent just moves a little slower than many of his peers. But the finished product was worth the wait. He turned his favorite, Rogue Bar, into his own fantasy western saloon. Then told an old story of two liquored up goons fighting over a girl in a fun way. It was a fun and simple video that allowed FIeld Tripp to show off their biggest asset, their extremely personable lead singer.

"Atlas" - Wolvves, Whatever According to lead singer Aydin Immortal, "Atlas" is Wolvves paying homage to the opening sequence of 90's television series Boy Meets World. I'll take his word for it, though I don't remember Corey and Sean cooking up drugs during the sappy family comedy. But be that as it may, the video is fun. It's lo-fi just like the band's music, and it basically featured Wolvves acting like the goofballs that they are. They may have a reputation for being a raucous, venue-destroying horde of barbarians, but that's all just bravado.

"O.D.B." - decker., Patsy decker. may be a psychedelic folk act, but that doesn't change the fact that the first single off of his new record comes off very country. It still has elements of psychedelia and folk, but even the new video leans in a fairy country direction with the scenery, wardrobe, and of course, the square dancing. It's still a great video though. It looks terrific, because it was shot by one of the best in Matty Steinkamp of Sun Dawg media, and it has a certain feeling of professionalism to it that many other local videos lack. Brandon Decker has said quite a few times that he's putting it all "on the line with this new album," and moving forward with production value like this he is most likely making a good bet.

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