Right Hear, Right Now

5 New Songs By Phoenix Artists

The Lonesome Wilderness-"Cigarettes" I've recently tuned into The Lonesome Wilderness, and I can't get enough of this five-piece. Their debut EP, which will be released this spring, is one of my most highly anticipated releases of 2015. They have a great rock 'n' roll sound with a desert flair; the spirit of the Southwest flows through their veins. "Cigarettes" is the first single from the EP and it's been one of my favorite songs in their live set for some time. The tone and tunings of the guitars (there are three of them) seem to breathe Sonoran dust. The vocals are delivered with a brilliant whiskey rawness, while the rhythm section just ties it up in a nice little rawhide bow. There is also whistling -- pretty amazing whistling, actually -- and I think that's something that's truly missing from a lot of modern music. In fact it was the whistling that first drew my attention to the song and made it stand out in their set. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for The Lonesome Wilderness this year, as they are bound to make a remarkable impact.

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Mitchell Hillman