6 Best Concerts to See in Phoenix this Weekend

Instead of bitching about the weather, like we usually do here, let's instead think of reasons why 113-degree temperatures are actually good. After all, if you live in Phoenix during the summer, the world is your sauna, am I right? And to think some folks like to be indoors when they need to have a good sweat. Suckers. And why use your stupid oven to bake cookies when you can just put a baking sheet on your dashboard? And where would the window tinting and black-out curtain industries be without Phoenix summers, I ask you? Nowhere, that's where.

So be thankful for the heat, as it is the source of luxury, food, and commerce.

Most of these concerts take place in venues with air conditioning and cold beer. So check these out, browse our comprehensive concert listings if you would like to see more options, and stay hydrated, Phoenix.

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