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A "Love Letter" to the Tempe Scene Premieres (Despite Weird Gin Blossoms Rumors)

As usual, local filmmaker Nico Holthaus has set up an unenviable task for himself. On the party weekend before Halloween, he's scheduled a premiere of the final cut of Art Edward's fictionalized love letter to the Tempe music scene of the early '90s, Stuck Outside of Phoenix, at the Pollack Tempe Cinemas.

There was already an air of Trick or Treat encircling Holthaus' production like a witch on a broom bender last May, when Holthaus was wrapping up filming on Stuck. Rumors began to spread: People, some of whom were actually involved in the production, became convinced this was an actual account of the Tempe scene, or that Holthaus had cast himself as Doug Hopkins and besmirched the Gin Blossoms guitarist's memory.

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Serene Dominic
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