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A Perfect Circle Stuns Sold-Out Crowd at Marquee Theatre

It was a special night at Marquee Theatre last night, as A Perfect Circle played their first show in 6 years to a sold-out audience. It was their first concert of three, in which they'll be playing full albums each night. Last night, they played Mer de Noms in its entirety before surprising the crowd with covers of Cure, David Bowie and John Lennon. Here is what fans, who came from all over the world to see the show, had to say. (And read our review here.)

- A perfect circle have been just magical .....<3

@JessRox18- No tweet video pic text NOTHING can justify what I witnessed!!!!! @aperfectcircle

@DJPETEROCK- A Perfect Circle was incredable.

@Rozillla- A Perfect Circle FTW! Great show in Tempe, dudes! Awesome cover of Bowie! #aperfectcircle

@azveganchik- Oh my god the perfect circle show was one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. Maynard is a god and I love him <3

@azlisa- A Perfect Circle did a cover of The Cure's Lovesong, woah.

@daniel_tee- A perfect circle covering the cure live. Is this real,life

@chrisprof- Awesome show! So good!

@mdvolkjr- 3 guitar players and no bass player...awesome

@trainreck- The show just ended. It was so great. They did a Bowie cover, they mixed The Cure and Ozzy together and they through in a Lennon tune.

@ShanManOnline- Pretty good show! Going back saturday

@z0mbah- A Perfect Circle is a must see live. Best live performance I've seen by far. Live art.

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