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'American Idol' Contestants May All Just Want to Start Singing Country

Crystal Bowersox called Shania Twain "glowing" tonight on American Idol, and it's true--Twain emits an ethereal vibe whenever she's around and seemed to work some magic on the contestants as they all took on her songs.

Overall, the cast did a great job, proving they're a solid top six who deserve to be there--even though it's super-sad Tim Urban is gone. This season is still boring as ever, but at least it's evident the contestants do know how to sing.

Lee DeWyze kicked things off with a rocker version of "You're Still the One". It was a really great song for him because he sounded smooth and controlled, but he still sounds like the next 3 Doors Down singer, and that's not really pleasant. He'll probably be in the Bottom Three this week based on forgetableness alone. Prediction: Bottom Three.

Michael Lynche, surprise, surprise, put an R&B twist on Twain's song, "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing." The song was very, very boring, but Lynche sounded pitch perfect. Simon Cowell called the performance "wet," which in his language means "girly." Yes, Lynche's voice is very high-pitched and girly, but he still made Twain cry, which was cute. It's probably not enough to keep him out of the Bottom Three, though. Prediction: Bottom Three.

Casey James definitely performed the best he's ever done, with a stripped-down version of "Don't". His voice was subdued and beautiful, and I wouldn't mind if he sang like this every week. James will be successful after the show no matter what, and country might be the best direction for him.

Bowersox had her most boring performance of the season with "No One Needs to Know." It was also stripped-down, but not in an emotional way, in a cutesy, anyone could do that type of way. She's the most talented vocally of the bunch, still, and it was pretty cute she talked about her boyfriend on the show. See, she does have love in her! And there was an awful lot of talking back to the judges tonight. Looks like she's in it to win it--and her new nickname might be Sassy Sox.

Aaron Kelly got a lot of praise from the judges for his performance of "You've Got a Way." He did sound the best he's ever sounded the whole season, but this is probably the last week he'll be on the show simply because he's not as engaging as the other performers. Blame his 17-year-old age. Prediction: Bottom Three.

Siobhan Magnus turned in a surprisingly good upbeat performance of "Any Man of Mine." Her screaming at the end was still horrendous, but it was refreshing to watch her run around, smile and sing something fun. And, while her outfit was, like always, completely confusing, it was still super-cute.

So, so long, Aaron. If I was a junior in high school, I would totally write about you in my diary, but you're probably going home tonight.

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