Arty Girl: Steampunk by ASU Sculpture at First Studio

So it's a First Friday tonight and I'm sure your schedule is packed with this, a little of that and probably some of this...

But please allow me to suggest one more. The ASU Sculpture students, faculty and some extraneous local artists have come together for an evening of Steampunk.

Okay, I know Steampunk is nothing new - it started way back in the ancient decade of the 1980's. But just In case you haven't heard, Steampunk is a movement that basically resurrects Victorian-era fashion, aesthetics and technology to imagine an alternate world where steam power is still widely used. So you might see fictional inventions, people dressed in psuedo-Victorian garb and current day technologies (like laptops) refurbished to look like a 19th century design.

Seriously. People get into this. Sort of in the same way people get into Comic-Con or the Rennaissance Faire. So even if you're not a Steampunk, the freak show factor should be enticing enough.

I probably just offended all these groups...feel free to leave a comment.

The best way to explain Steampunk is to just show you. So here are some images I painstakingly downloaded from a Google Image search:

Don't take this to the Antiques Road Show.

Steampunks go on a cruise.

He really wants to tell you what time it is.

At First Studio from 6-10 p.m., you'll not only see what the sculptors have cooked up, but you'll get the chance to see Steampunk costume and fashion, small working steam engines and screenings of the movies Steam Boy, Brazil, The Wild Wild West and Howl's Moving Castle.

See? Will Smith thinks it's cool...

"Steampunk" presented by ASU Sculpture runs from 6-10 p.m. on Friday, December 5th at First Studio, 631 N. 1st Ave in Phoenix.

--Lilia Menconi

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