Authority Zero: "Phoenix Is Just A Melting Pot of Different Styles of Music"

For Authority Zero, 2013 has already been packed: They've accommodated new band members, new record producers, a lengthy international tour, and a brand new album, to top it off. The Mesa natives have spent a great deal of their time making all those pieces fall into place, but they've never lost focus of one of their central goals: To always bring high energy music to their ever-growing, devoted fan-base and, while they're at it, give something back to the community they call home.

Now summer's setting in and Authority Zero is gearing up to make it a little bit hotter with the Summer Sickness Tour, which rolls through Tempe on Friday, May 31st. We caught up with Authority Zero singer Jason DeVore the day after the band returned from Europe to ask him about their new album, their upcoming tour, his acoustic solo act, and the influences Phoenix can offer an aspiring musician.

Up on the Sun:How are you doing?

Jason DeVore: I'm good, man. A little jet-lagged, but I'm good.

I heard you just returned from Russia and Europe. How was playing overseas?

We had a really good time. We were there for six weeks. We had never played Russia before or Ukraine, so it was a fun new experience, and the people over there are good people. We didn't know what to expect as far as attendance or people knowing the band and our first show in Moscow was pretty rad. We had a good turnout, and the kids were going ape-shit.

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