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Bad Religion Gets Their Punk on at Marquee Theatre

For a punk band more than 30 years old, Bad Religion still knows how to rock out and put on a great show for fans. Appropriately, the band busted out their track "Ten in 2010," along with a slew of hits. Audience members at the Marquee Theatre last night couldn't stop snapping photos of the band, and they also Tweeted their thoughts of the show. Check them out here, and read our review here.

@ccjetc- At bad religion. I hate how old i feel. Worth it.

@ableandbaker- Rockin out at the Bouncing Souls / Bad Religion show!

@lookoutliver- Br is done great set but I still give the night to bouncing souls. But great set bad religion. Thanx for 30 years.

@Shaun_Savage- Wow Bad Religion, wow. It's like you asked me what songs to put in a set.

@zerobollox- Bad Religion was AWESOME!! The Bouncing Souls were great too!!

@KenziTheMonster- Bouncing souls/Bad Religion tonight. Wonderful show

@phoenixwest- Just got back home from the Bad Religion concert in Tempe. Amazing as usual.

@mexicansinspace- Bad Religion played Ten in 2010 which was so frickin fitting.

@realSamanthaSin- They r bad ass!!

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