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Beach Boys Party!, Punk Rock Parody, and More in This Week's Issue

This week's music feature is on the awkwardly-spoken Beach Boy Brian Wilson. While he may not give great interviews, he certainly cranks out epic records that define generations. While you might know about the legendary Pet Sounds, you might not know about the should-be-legendary Beach Boys Party!. Don't worry -- we'll get you caught up... to late 1965.

Fast forward 20 years and you've got Killer Pussy. A crazed band of punk rock parodists fronted by "Lucy LaMode" from right here in the valley used to sing about fucking with tomahawks and other sinister sex acts that only the most twisted minds could invent. The good news is that they're reuniting for one more show. This is probably your last chance to hear the song Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage ever.

Nothing Not New's Jay Bennett reviews the new, highly anticipated Sleigh Bells record, and we've got show previews for Domo, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, Job for a Cowboy, X, and the Melvins.

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Sarah Ventre