The Drums at Viva PHX 2017.
The Drums at Viva PHX 2017. Jim Louvau
Six months of 2017 are officially on the books. What better time to reflect on the spectacular year it's been for music in metro Phoenix? Here they are: the best festivals, CD release shows, DJ sets, music videos, and cover songs we've seen and heard so far this year.

Viva PHX 2017
March 11

Viva’s lineup featured more bands than it was possible to see, and an extra dose of craziness. Twenty venues hosted around 100 bands, including The Drums, American Football, and headliners Girl Talk and The Maine. Girl Talk’s headlining performance stole the show at Comerica with folks joining on stage and toilet paper being shot into the crowd. Lindsay Roberts

Lawrence Zubia
March 19
The Newton

How many times have I mindlessly listened to the Gin Blossoms' "Hey Jealousy"? Who knows. When Lawrence Zubia played a bare-bones version of Doug Hopkins' song at Brian Smith's Spent Saints book-signing, it was different. Chills crept up my arms. The lyrics got stuck in my throat. It was devastating. Becky Bartkowski

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Sundressed's debut is killer.
Craig Hedges
A Little Less Put Together by Sundressed
March 24
Animal Style Records

In a time when emo nostalgia feels like it’s at an all-time high, it’s important to take note of the new class of heartstring-pullers. Sundressed’s polished debut is chock-full of soulful, driving melodies. It's perfect for those times when you just want to air-drum your feelings. Ashley Harris

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Gordon Ogden at Walter Yoga.
Chris Patrick
DJs and Vibes
Walter Yoga

Walter Productions hosts a seasonal series of weekly yoga classes at their downtown Phoenix office/party space called Walter Yoga. It's definitely a “yoga experience,” with a DJ spinning atop of their art car Kalliope. Instructors put on a sort-of instructional performance with a theme for the class equipped with scripted words, costumes, laser lights, dozens of disco balls, and spotlights. There's really nothing else like it around town. Amanda Savage

Quadraphoenix Single Release Showcase
March 24
Crescent Ballroom

This unique show featured four bands — The Hourglass Cats, Sunset Voodoo, The Sink or Swim, and The Real Fits — releasing singles on a special compilation CD given out that night. All four bands were awesome and the place was rocking all night, complete with a signature Cori Rios howl. Henri Benard

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Treasure Mammal FTW.
Ashley Naftule
Treasure Mammal Opening for Peelander-Z
March 26
Valley Bar

Opening for a band as dynamic as Peelander-Z is a tough gig. If any local had a chance of topping them, it's Treasure Mammal. Setting up inflatable snowmen and Christmas trees, Abe and his backup dancers brought the audience onstage for a freaky dance party that brought the house down. Ashley Naftule

Bear Ghost perform at The Rebel Lounge.
Leavitt Wells
Bear Ghost Covering Queen
March 29
The Rebel Lounge

Unless you are Adam Lambert, you should not cover Queen. Bear Ghost proved me wrong with a spot-on cover of the quartet’s hit “Don’t Stop Me Now” at our Phinal Phour show at The Rebel Lounge. Their bravery for pulling it off won them a place in my heart. Jason Keil

RIOT! Women’s Pride Dance Night
April 1
Palo Verde Lounge

The monthly RIOT! Women’s Dance Night is hosted at the Palo Verde Lounge by a micro-organization of mostly female DJs called MUTINY! ????????! Tempe. And it is always good-weird. Its April date coincided with Pride Festival, which had participants in a way more imaginative zone, vogueing to everything from Blondie to La Roux. Lauren Cusimano

Steff and the Articles' “Keep You Around” Video
April 6
Yellowbox Films

As the debut single from the forthcoming album, Timekeeper, "Keep You Around" doesn’t waste any time hooking you in with a bright chorus, laced with a sprightly string section. The video is just as bold, featuring singer Steff Koeppen dancing through her lover’s quirks to find her joy in him. Ashley Harris

Lost Lake Festival's Lineup
Announced April 18
Steele Indian School Park

When Superfly, the company behind Bonnaroo and Outside Lands, dropped the lineup for the inaugural Lost Lake Festival, our jaws dropped. Chance, Pixies, Run the Jewels, HAIM, Calexico, and Huey Lewis? Yeah, we're down for that — and we can't wait for the fest to take over Steele Indian School Park in October. Becky Bartkowski

Read on for more of the best things we've heard so far this year.
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