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Black Cactus Records Launches Concert Series at Goathead Saloon

Black Cactus Records does a little bit of everything -- people associated with the local collective design merch, record albums and make web sites for members.

Now they're promoting shows, too. With touring bands, even.

This Thursday, March 10th, the BC gang brings LA's Goldenboy to Mesa's Goathead Saloon, a venue which can draw some interesting crowds. The music starts at 8 p.m. -- sharp.

The show is free and open to those of legal drinking age. Black Cactus Former

Friends of Young Americans -- a.k.a The Band That Dissed Hooves -- are going on West Coast tour and will use this as the kick-off party. No doubt they'll make lots of fast friends on the road.

Here's a dispatch about the show from the Black Cactus hive:

"The "Black Cactus Presents" concert series is about building relationships between the Phoenix music scene and other bands throughout the Western United States as Black Cactus Records prepares to send its roster of 7 bands on tag team tours across the region. The idea will be to swap shows with bands from other regions so that we can more easily promote shows in each others' home cities and make Phoenix Metro a much more accommodating music destination for up-and-coming bands. In addition, local Phoenix bands not signed to the label will be invited to participate to foster an even more cooperative local music scene."

Among the bands associated with the label is Lisa Savidge who you will soon recognize from such New Times music features as this week's.

Golden Boy, on the other hand, has been around since 2003, even scoring guest vocals from Elliott Smith on their song "Summertime." They've played with Bright Eyes, Neil Finn, Stephen Malkmus and Grandaddy.

Here's a video of the band performing:

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