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Chad Krystals
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Chad Krystals Explains "Superfly (West Fresh)," featuring KeePA GreeN LeeF (VIDEO)

Chad Krystals' new video, "Superfly (West Fresh)," is trippy. The colorful, psychedelic video features trippy colors, patterns and images intermixed with performance shots. If it isn't enough to make you curious to pop a few mushroom caps, what is?

The unique visuals are the brainchild of director John Knott. Knott, who has worked with Weezer, used experimental real-time graphics to create the cool effects, which were layered on top of Krystals' live performances during shooting. The video was filmed in both Phoenix and Los Angeles and co-directed by Sean Oliver and features the appropriately-named-considering-the-video Arizona rapper KeePA GreeN LeeF.

Oliver and Knott chose the song they wanted to shoot a video for. Krystals gave the duo a copy of his current album, Mind Games, and the directors picked the track. Krystals says "Superfly (West Fresh)" is one of his more mellow songs, so the beachy, stoner vibe Krystals and the directors came up with isn't so far off.

"This song is something I thought people could relate to," Krystals says, noting lyrics that touch on money woes and hard times throughout the track. "My music is my outlet, and I'm trying to leave a negative past behind and focus on something positive, which is success."

Besides the lyrics about making the most out of life, Krystals says he's proud of the video for its artistic value.

"What I hope people take away from the video is that they see it as a work of art, a creative project that was developed to bring happiness and color into the world, a melodic manifestation of sound and sight that is to be shared and used to entertain," Krystals says. And if it just helps extend your high a little bit longer, that's fine, too.

Check out the video below, and connect with Crystals on Facebook here.

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