Check Out the Massive, All-Local Lineup for the Arizona Hip Hop Festival

On October 18 at Comerica Theatre, more than 80 Arizona MCs, DJs, and performers will get together for what must be the largest local hip-hop show ever thrown, Arizona Hip Hop Festival.

This staggering undertaking is the brainchild of JustUs Samuel, the rapper and founder of Respect the Underground, which hosts hip-hop nights a couple of times a month at Joe's Grotto.

Tickets are $15 and can be purchased online or via any of the artists directly.

The festival will take place on three different stages. Set times have not yet been finalized, but the music will begin sometime around 3 p.m. or 4 p.m. and run through midnight.

We have some thoughts on the lineup that we'll share in upcoming weeks. But for now, check out who's performing:

STAGE A.1 - The Main Stage

Performance Block #1

Pattiack Haze Alvarez A-Factor Gladiator Pen Insects 5280 Mystic Odd Squad Family Gods & Monsters Bakers Knuckleheadz Guilty Flavor

STAGE A.2 - Main Stage

Performance Block #2

Justus CTL Eazy Music J Rob PHXLTS Kaliq OG Music Worst Case Scenario / Rahmun Yaymee K Nov The Zoner Pokafase New Breedz

STAGE A.3 - Main Stage

Trap House Hannibal Leq J Montoya AVP - G Moe / Young Phee Freeze TV ZonaFide Ent BoogeyMan Da Beast & Da Deciplez J-Slugg / Rillo Deebo Lotti Maserati E.S.C Judge the Boss

Special Guest performances by:

Rico Bandz Checkin Trapps Yog Westwood Furious Styles Crew Foot Clan

Stage B.1 - Main Lobby Stage

Performance block #1

Powder & Nior Nazty Nate Mc Scriptures Chef Nick That Dude Young Tokes Othawordz Eddie Wellz Brandon Crookz Ray Ray Litl A N

STAGE B.2 - Main Lobby Stage

Performance block #2

Double A Neglect Grind Kingz AZ Legend Golden Lil Geto aka Lil Jugg Oops Skky Brown Randy Rocket 397 Richi Trevino ICCake

STAGE B.3 - Main Lobby Stage

Performance Block #3

ABC Free IME P-Thoro Ten Toez Down Pyro SkyWriter Double Up All Dollaz Wax Society Lucky D Greedy Green

Stage 3. Hip Hop House Stage (outside stage)


Fact135 J20 SlopFunkDust DJ Organic


Puritan Slogan RoQy TyRaiD / Pennywise / Mr Miranda / Random / Writers Guild Phal Kilmer Prophetiko Lord Kash & Zeedubb Span Phly Optimal Realistic Nomad Hip Hop (ft. J-Flow) TSOI Blaine Coffee

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David Accomazzo is a music wrangler, award-winning reporter, critic, and editor with more than a decade in the business.
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