Check Out These Four Singles From Phoenix Musicians

Craving a respite from the same stuff you're hearing on the radio? Check out these four new locally released songs, flavors for any musical taste.

"Looking at You," Jane Joyce

Local singer-songwriter Jane Joyce worked with producer Gardner Cole for her new track "Looking at You," a song she said she wrote when he challenged her to write an EDM track, fitting in with one of the most popular genres today, while still putting her own twist on it.

"Lyrically ,it is about a young woman's search for a mate, and how we can build up love in our mind's into something incredible and exciting," Joyce says. "I hope my music will get people dancing. My goal is to write feel-good music.

Take a listen to the song below.

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"Decote," Ieda Cruz

One of the latest releases off Miguel Ivery's locally based label Afro:Baile Records is "Decote," by Brazilian singer Ieda Cruz and off her new album of the same name.

"After listening to 'Decote,' we were hooked on Ieda's voice and the band's extremely deep soul-jazz sound," Ivery says. "Ieda's voice just radiates with so much passion and soul. The album Decote is not like anything else out right now. It's smooth, it has soul, it has jazz, and it reminded us of what Erykah Badu's Baduizm sounded like when first listening to it."

The only difference? Cruz sings in Portuguese. Despite the language barrier, Cruz's sensuality is evident in the track.

"'Decote' means 'cleavage' in Portuguese," Ivery says. "Cruz just soothes with sexiness while giving a little attitude in the lyrics and delivery. "There's just something special about it."

You can hear the single below.

"Stage 7 (Acoustic)," VEX

"Stage 7 (Acoustic)," by VEX, is an extremely personal track for singer D.L. Christy IV. Named for the final stage of the grieving process, acceptance, Christy IV wrote the track after his father died of cancer. Though an extremely sad event spurred the song, Christy IV hopes listeners find hope in the lyrics.

"The song seems to take on new meaning with each heartbreak or obstacle that occurs," Christy IV says. "I think everyone can relate to this song and take their own interpretation from it. We all deal with sorrow, and we all have to somehow overcome and move on. Hopefully, this song will resonate with the listener and provide a positive outlook on a difficult period."

See the band perform it live Friday, October 17, at Blooze Bar in Phoenix, and expect new music from the band, currently tracking tunes at Villain Recording, soon.

"heavy now you know the world," The Foster Family Band

Sadly, Perry Allen, singer/guitarist of The Foster Family Band, can relate to Christy IV's heartache. His eight-piece group, The Foster Family Band, has a new single, "heavy now you know the world," inspired by Perry losing someone close to him suddenly and violently. Like VEX, the band hopes listeners take away something positive from the track. "The song is meant as a celebration in the face of chaos," Perry says. "We hope it gets people to dance and sing and sway."

The indie folk ensemble is influenced by Dixieland jazz and railroad folk and include instruments such as clarinet, cello, trumpet and viola. They're currently working on new material, which they hope to release this winter.

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