Club Candids

Club Candids at The Hip Joint

We were a little hesitant about shooting at Saturday's debut of the returning Hip Joint DJ night at the Paisley Violin. Not that we don't adore the little eatery/coffee shop/art gallery/anything venue down on Grand Avenue...we just weren't sure it could wrangle a real party crowd.

But, holy crap, were we wrong to be worried. We were pleasantly surprised to find the usually-quiet space up and bumpin' with a packed house of downtown folks ready to drink and dance (just check the slideshow for proof). Every table was filled and the floor space was crammed with drinkers and dancers, having a great time to spins by DJ's Pari, Finess, Meaty Ogre, Earwig, STLB3 and Essential.

So, there you go. See? We can admit when we're wrong.

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Lilia Menconi
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