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Crescent Ballroom Offers Free Earplugs. Other Venues Should Offer Them, Too

I love live music.

As someone who writes about music for a living, that is probably as unsurprising a sentence I could type. I love going to concerts, hanging out with like-minded music lovers, and watching professionals execute their craft at the highest levels possible. I love music music that drags your mind into the moment and commands your undivided attention. The vibrations of bass, the crackle of distorted guitars, the view you can get only by camping out at the front of the stage for an hour as less-devoted fans fill in the spaces behind you -- these are just a few of the things that make live music such a moving experience.

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David Accomazzo is a music wrangler, award-winning reporter, critic, and editor with more than a decade in the business.
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