Danny Avila on His Teenage EDM Superstardom and Spreading His Manic Energy to Crowds

It's going to be a particularly jam-packed Saturday for Danny Avila this weekend. The Spanish-born, electro-slinging DJ wunderkind will fly from Chicago (where he had a late-night show at the Palladium Nightclub last night) down to Texas to work a gig at the Breakaway Music Festival outside of Dallas before jetting our way to headline at Maya tonight during the Sound Wave Block Party. Oh, and then he's bound for Miami.

Luckily, the 18-year-old has tons of energy and has grown used to pulling such transcontinental treks since his rise to prominence over the past couple years. Despite his young age, Avila has become an old hand (relatively speaking) at the DJ game and has racked up a number of significant coups even though he's barely old enough to vote.

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