Dem's Fighting Fingers: Five Songs To Get You Ready To Pick A Fight

By now Fingergate has the web blowing up with commentary abound about the gull and audacity of Governor Jan Brewer for sticking her finger in the face of President Barack Obama.

As James King brought up yesterday, we can't help but wonder if Jan's actions were those of an impassioned politician or a calculated campaign move.

Either way it took some nerve to walk up to the nation's leader and in effect, pick a fight.

Imagine Jan waking up Wednesday morning, combing her hair and slipping on her red blazer before stepping into the government vehicle that would whisk her to the airport in Mesa to "greet" the president. She would have needed some serious tunes to get her in the right mindset.

Here's our guess at what she might have been listening to before her brazen display of disrespect.

Young Jeezy - "Put On" "I put on for my city, on on for my city," Jeezy says. No doubt Jan feels like she was stepping up for Arizona with her reprimanding finger. Jan you are on some other shit.

Kanye West - "Amazing"

"It's amazing, I'm the reason everyone fired up this evening." For better or worse, Jan is used to firing up people. But who can fire her up? Cue Kanye for her head bobbing.

Pink - "So What" I don't know if they're rock moves, but Jan's got somethin'.

Kelly Clarkson - "Mr. Know It All" The rift between Brewer's administration and the president's is well documented. Obama may have Jan's views on immigration pegged but she's gotta be saying to herself, "You don't know a thing about me."

Kelis - "Caught Out There" This song is a break up song about a cheating ass man. While Obama and Brewer might not be in a love-hate relationship, "I hate you so much right now" looks exactly like what she's saying.

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