Diddy Allegedly Punched a Guy in Scottsdale, Police Seek Rapper for Questioning

TMZ is reporting that Diddy got into a scuffle with a fan in Scottsdale at a Super Bowl party he hosted Saturday night. The fan, Steven Donaldson, has filed assault charges, and Scottsdale police are seeking Diddy for questioning, the website is reporting.

Sergeant Ben Hoster of Scottsdale Police Department confirmed that Donaldson did indeed file a report for the incident, which happened at roughly 2:30 a.m.

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As New Times has reported before, Diddy was slated to host a block party in Scottsdale Saturday evening, but he didn't show up until 1:15 a.m. Bars in Scottsdale close at 2 a.m., and tickets to the event cost $100.

TMZ posted a video, which is only 34 seconds long but appears to contain snippets of three different videos, in which a drunken man from off-camera tells Diddy, "Hey, fuck you for not performing. You're a fucking asshole," and then "Get the fuck on stage and perform." It then cuts to security tackling a man, presumably Donaldson.

TMZ reports Donaldson as claiming that between the time he got in Diddy's face and security tackled Donaldson (not the rapper), Diddy punched him in the face.

Diddy did not perform at the event. As our writer Amanda Ventura described, "After about 45 minutes of everyone holding phones over their heads, trying to get a glimpse of Diddy, they started to give up. There was no promise of stage time as he was technically just 'hosting,' according to the event flyer. And all he did in the circle was have a drink and bob along to the music. It started to feel voyeuristic."

The man in the video appears drunk and aggressive, and there's no evidence, so far, that Diddy assaulted anybody. We'll update when we have more information.

Hoster says Donaldson filed a delayed report, and that the investigation was in its infancy.

"This case, all we did was talk to the victim," Hoster says. "We have his statements. The initial officer took the report and it hasn't even made it to the detectives yet."

Hoster did say the detectives would likely seek an audience with the hip-hop mogul. There's no guarantee that Diddy would respond, however.

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