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Digital Summer, What Laura Says, The Maine and More in Crowdsourced

Last night was an exciting one for fans of rock band Digital Summer. The group best known for its successful grass roots marketing (hand-delivering tickets to fans, putting their logo-covered stickers all over town, etc.) made their triumphant return to Tempe, opening for Sevendust and Drowning Pool at Marquee Theatre.

Meanwhile, What Laura Says is busy in the studio recording, and Ear Candy Charity is promoting a huge opportunity for Flogging Molly fans. Check out more local news in this round-up of what's going on in the scene

Here's what some fans were saying on Twitter about the Digital Summer show.

@JahJah4DS Digital summer kicked phx'z ass 2night! Sevendust was good, but no digital summer that's 4sure

@JoeStrykr Sevendust, Drowning Pool, and @DigitalSummer = Amazing Show!! @98KUPD you guys rock!!

@shannoncrosby- ~Tired this morning after the Sevendust show last night. Well worth it though. It was by far one of the BEST concerts I've seen in a while.

@5FDPAZ Absolutely amazing night at the @98kupd @sevendust/@drowningpool/@digitalsummer show.Everyone killed it!Well done @98kupd well fucking done!

@COMAMusicMag- @sevendust is tearing it up. They opened with Black and have been going strong ever since.

If you've been wondering what What Laura Says has been up to lately, the band is currently working on recording their sophomore LP, Bloom Check. The band posted this video, which comes via

This is the last day to bid in Ear Candy Charity's Flogging Molly prize package. The winner gets four meet-and-greet passes to the show at Tempe Beach Park on Wednesday, March 17, as well as an autographed guitar from the band. The proceeds go to help music education in the Valley. For more info, go here.

Local indie rock band CaptainSqueegee had a couple of out-of-town shows this past weekend, and here's what the band Tweeted: "We had a sweet show in vegas! No one died... Except for that hooker... Jk"

Local pop band The Maine recently posted a new video update from the studio, which can be seen with others on their website, Here's the latest:

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