Downtown Phoenix's Palazzo Reopens and Begins Hosting Goth/Industrial Nights Again

If you pass by the front door of Palazzo tonight during First Friday, don't be surprised if you hear the haunting sounds of darkwave and witch house wafting out its front door. That's because the gothic nightclub has returned from the dead and is once again welcoming freaks, geeks, and creatures of the night into its domain.

As our sister blog Jackalope Ranch previously reported, the spooky-looking Central Avenue dance parlor closed last fall after local burlesque troupe Scandalesque took over the place with hopes of launching its new venue, The Empress Theatre. According to sources with Scandalesque, however, the deal fell apart for unspecified reasons sometime in the last few months.

Robert Poe, a local DJ who has performed at a number of goth nights at Palazzo, tells New Times that club owner Steven Rodgers decided within the past few months to reopen the place as a dance joint. And said plans included bringing Poe back to DJ.

"I sent an e-mail to Steven months ago just kind of saying, 'If you're thinking of doing anything with the space, keep me in mind,'" Poe says. "And I hadn't heard anything for months until he just replied and said, 'We're thinking about doing something again. I'd like to talk to you.'"

Poe, who performs as DJ Tristan/Iseult, considered relaunching the infamous Tranzylvania goth/industrial night, which took place weekly at Palazzo for more than five years before its cancellation in 2010, but ultimately decided to go with something newer.

"The idea of calling it Tranzylvania again seemed like it would definitely rub some people the wrong way, because Tranzylvania really ended in 2010," Poe says. "And I think a lot of other people felt that way, too."

Instead, he brought over his newest night, the monthly First Friday dance party HAXAN, from CenPho's Club 24 back to his old stomping grounds at Palazzo.

"Well, I already have spent five or six months doing [HAXAN] and felt it would fit perfectly with Palazzo. I really like doing the night and I would bring some of the things that I do there."

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