Edgefest 2008: Recap

By Martin Cizmar

We are dehydrated, sunburned and covered in a fine layer of Queen Creek dust – which water can’t seem to wash off – but we’re back from Edgefest 2008.

Yesterday, our team of eight bloggers brought you dozens of posts from beautiful Schnepf Farms, a peach orchard converted to concert venue hosting three stages for a looooong day of music. It was a good day though, as Reverend Horton Heat, Gogol Bordello, Kottonmouth Kings, The Kooks, Flobots, Alkaline Trio, Pennywise, NOFX, Rise Against and Flogging Molly all played.

If you’re just now joining us, here’s some of the best of what you missed. More photos – including a slideshow of some ridiculously good looking women – are coming today.

Jonathan McNamara took a helicopter ride above the festival. We’ll have more pictures from his flight later, so be sure to check back.

Michael Lopez told us what it was like in both the V.I.P area where the special fans ($150 makes you special) hung out, and in the backstage musician courtesy tent, where the the bands hung out before their shows. (Spoiler alert: they get Corn Nuts!)

Ace photographer Victor Palagano got some fantactic shots, many in this slideshow of Thrice, while Jonathan McNamara got some great shots of Alkaline Trio, including the crowd surfer at the top of the page.

Benjamin Leatherman told you where to find girls like this.

Joe Golfen reviewed Mickey Avalon and The Kooks– it should be noted that the Kooks drummer wore that full suit all day long, in a scorching Arizona sun.

Also, guys from that band and their crew kept coming up to me to tell me “we won” because I wore a jersey for British soccer club Aston Villa. I did not have the heart to tell them I only had it because the team is owned by the owner of my beloved Cleveland Browns.

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Michael Lopez wrote about his confusion over the popularity of California rappers Kottonmouth Kings. “I caught myself wondering what the fuck was going on, especially given the crowd’s over-enthusiastic reaction to the music,” Lopez says.

Videographer Eric Jacobs captured this hilarious footage of a real beefcake trying to do pull-ups for free junk. I'm guessing the recruiters running this booth bowed to pressure and gave this guy as many free T-shirts as he needed to cover up.

Eric also put together this video, which gives you a good idea what the scene at Edgefest was like.

New Times web intern Yvonne Zusel, who did an amazing job holding down the fort at our backstage blogging area while technical glitches and weather threats raged around her, gushed about Gogol Bordello. There’s also a great slideshow with that post.

A pretty great day, if I do say so myself. The biggest disappointed was probably Dirty Scottsdale’s Nik Richie, who was supposed to give us some liveblogging competition, but ended up posting a couple blurry photos shot from the stage then disappearing.

Oh, sorry, and he did make a few posts making fun of the kids in the crowd, using edgy humor like this.

Wow, dude. You’re saying these guys are attempting to dress like they're in a band, even though they are not, in fact, in a band? Take it easy, man, they’re just kids.

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