EDM Phoenix Changes Its Name to Element 14

It's commonplace for new businesses to make any number of adjustments within the first few months of opening, and EDM Phoenix is no exception to that rule.

The proprietors of the newly opened downtown dance club, which debuted last month along Central Avenue, recently rechristened the place Element 14.

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Manager Andrew Sisson says that the change gives the spot more uniqueness and allows it to be more versatile in the sort of music and entertainment it offers. While the focus of the club still will be DJs and electronic dance music, he says, it won't be the only sort of live entertainment offered there.

"Basically, the name EDM [Phoenix] was a very limiting thing that kind of limited us to only one market," Sisson says. "Music seems to change all the time, and you can't always rely on business being the same with a name that's just EDM. So we had to think outside the box and change the name to something with a little bit broad and allows opportunity for change, allows opportunity for different genres of music to be played, and [allows] for different live entertainment."

The club's new moniker, he adds, was inspired by silicon, the element that (for those of you who haven't brushed up on the periodic table since high school chemistry) carries the atomic weight of 14.

Sisson says the new name was thought up by Guy Smith, one of the partners in the club, and related to the fact that pretty much all electronic dance music is created and played via silicon-based computer chips.

"If it wasn't for silicon, there wouldn't be electronic dance music," Sisson says. "So that's the inspiration behind the name itself."

According to Sisson, other tweaks are still taking place with the rest of the club.

"We're still continuing construction to finalize a good starting place for our grand opening party sometime in the near future," he says.

In the meantime, Element 14 will debut its newest weekly event later this evening when DJ Sean Watson kicks off his new Surrender Thursdays dance party at the club.

And as we mentioned in this week's issue of New Times, there's no mystery about the inspiration behind the name of the night.

"I named it after my favorite Chemical Brothers album, Surrender," Watson says.

You can expect to hear more than just big beat tunes every week, however, as it will feature an open format with an emphasis on upbeat dance music. The party starts at 9 p.m. and admission is free.

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