Ernie Halter Makes the Most of Cyberspace and Justin Bieber

Ernie Halter is an alien. He's an alien because he played one Star Trek: Voyager (he was beamed away), and he's an alien because his time in cyberspace has defined, in large part, the direction of his musical career. Through dedicated, hard work, Halter's music is now beamed (okay, streamed) in staggering numbers around the globe.

Yet, before becoming an Internet star, Halter's career began strumming and picking, like so many others, in any coffee shop that would have him. Halter eventually amassed enough songs to record an album -- but couldn't afford to do so. He tried calling in some favors from fellow musicians with recording gear and knowledge, but "you can't really tell your friends to make you a priority when you're not paying them," he says from his Nashville home.

Inspired by Patty Griffin's stripped-down approach to recording, Halter took a single stereo microphone into his bathroom and "recorded all the songs I had or knew and just tried to get the best performance I could out of them."

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Glenn BurnSilver
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