Fall Frenzy Doors Open in 30 Hours (Eek!)

Yes, that's right, doors to Arizona Fall Frenzy, probably the biggest music festival Arizona has ever hosted, open in 30 hours. Sure, the lineup is not what a lot of people I know were hoping for -- and I, myself, had to put a little effort in to thinking of five sets I called "must sees" in this week's issue -- but this is still pretty huge. Right?

Here's a list of five things I'm looking forward to, and five things I'm not looking forward to when the gates come bursting open with starry-eyed women fighting for position to moon over Gavin Rossdale, Jason Mraz and Rob Thomas.

Looking forward to:

1. Hot Chicks and Wild Hair II. Last year's Hot Chicks and Wild Hair slideshow from Edgefest was probably our most successful ever. We'll be bringing it back, so stay tuned. If you could come to the show as:

a) a hot chick
b) some guy with weird hair

that would help us a lot.

2. Fall Out Boy. Yes, I like them. So fucking what, asshole?

3. "Dammit! (Growing Up)" -- but not the rest of Blink 182's set. I listened to the song while driving myself to my first day of college and have a soft spot for it since.

4. Authority Zero. Sadly, they're the only local-ish band on the bill, which is kind of sad as a locals-only stage really adds something to any music fest. Maybe AZ can play "Over Seasons" twice to make up for it. 

5. The look on my buddy Paul's face as he has to watch his girlfriend Jeanne dance wildly to Rob Thomas. My ol' kickball buddy Paul has been a fixture at many of my concert reviews, most notably that marathon Lil' Wayne set and that super weird Lou Reed show in Chandler. So maybe I'm a bastard for my plan to savor his suffering as his wonderful girlfriend Jeanne (who you may remember from my review of Country Thunder 2009) sings along to her all-time favorite singer, Rob Thomas. What's that, Paul, you don't have a ticket for yourself? Don't worry man, I've got you covered.

Not looking forward to:

1. Missing Carrie Schnepf. If there's a nicer or more helpful farmer's wife/concert organizer in Maricopa County we defy you to ind her. Carrie really made our coverage of Edgefest work last year and we're sad this show isn't at her gorgeous farm in Queen Creek.

2. Traversing the checkpoint to the all ages side. You can get back and forth between the drinking and dry sides of the field but I'm fearing a long line as they check IDs.

3. Slightly Stoopid. Ugh. Why does this band still exist.

4. Parking. As in: Where? Plan to light rail it, folks!

5. The possible early arrival of higher temperatures. These 99 degree days are not supposed to last in to next week. Monday is pegged at 106 -- let's hope that front stays on course and we don't end up with a 105 degree on Saturday or Sunday.

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Martin Cizmar
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