Five Music Celebrities, One Tiny Hand

Celebrities tend to have a knack for influencing everything from dressing styles, speech patterns and attitudes to spending habits. I mean, just imagine where the plastic augmentation industry would be if it weren't for them.

Musicians in particular have always captivated us with their general sense of cool. Just last week I woke up and was like, "I want to dye my hair blue and start wearing spandex." (Don't worry, I didn't, but I had to pause.)

Butt implants had their day and bulging eye contacts almost ruined all of our eyesights, but thankfully those trends are all behind us. Say hello to One Tiny Hand. Check out these pictures of some of our favorite music celebrities that are sporting the new look.

Katy Perry Tiny is the new sexy.

Lana del Rey Tiny makes anything better, even her.

Justin Beiber A tiny hand for a tiny man.

Bono Tiny is better than sunglasses.

Nicki Minaj Nothing says, "I don't care," like tiny.

For more pictures check out: onetinyhand.com.

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