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Five Party Songs to Ring in Your Birthday

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What better way to celebrate your birthday than by throwing a concert with some of your closest friends? That's exactly how local singer-songwriter, and frontwoman for Treasurefruit, Anamieke Quinn is ringing in her 33rd year. Catch her this Friday, October 3, with a shindig at Rogue Bar , where she'll be headlining with Treasurefruit, playing along with pal bands The Deer Leader, Dirty Lingo and Field Tripp. This marks the 13th year Quinn has put on a birthday show, ever since her very first concert ever with her original music when she turned 21 on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.

"To me, birthdays are the equivalent of New Year's, only better," Quinn says. "It's a chance to review your individual journey and look ahead to the next milestone. It's a cathartic crossroads where you check in with yourself and say, "I accept all that I am at this moment, but how much more ass can I kick in the next 12 months?"

For this year's show, Quinn teases there may be a pinata, and she looks forward to doing a birthday shot with the crowd. Head to Rogue at 9 p.m. for the 21-and-older show, which is $5, and keep reading to listen to five of Quinn's favorite tracks for ringing in a birthday.

"Birthday," The Beatles, White Album

"This is the quintessential birthday song," Quinn says. "It really doesn't get better than this. Plus, the Yoko backing vocals add that special party-time natural crowd flavor, not unlike 'Barbara Ann' by the Beach Boys."

"Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough," Michael Jackson, Off The Wall

"The rainbow of disco strings in the opening riff strike a dance nerve very few songs can," Quinn says. "Plus, it transports me right back to my 7th birthday party at Skate World. Absolutely classic."

"Canned Heat," Jamiroquai, Synkronized

"When it's your birthday, you feel invincible and larger than life," Quinn says. "This classic hit of the '90s was made just for that. 'I've got canned heat in my heels tonight, baby!'"

"It's My Birthday," Wallpaper, DooDoo Face "I just can't get enough of this album, and this is one of the choicest tracks of all," Quinn says. "They played the Rogue twice a while back, before they got big, and it was epic. This song is sexy, it's self-centered, it's douchey, and it's just the perfect vibe for a majestic birthday spotlight moment. Plus, the horn riff is a searing slice of tastiness."

"Celebration Day," Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin III "Don't know what I can say that the lyrics don't, other than no one can deliver the sheer face-melting energy of awesome like Led Zeppelin," Quinn says. "Plus, (vocalist) Robert Plant's intricately layered lyrics hint at a depth of consciousness that is essential in any birthday celebration, where one is evaluating the culmination of experiences so far, the road that lies ahead, and the importance of the here and now. 'My, my, my, I'm so happy, I'm gonna join the band. We're gonna dance and sing a celebration, we're in the promised land!'"

Honorable Mention: "Mambo!," West Side Story soundtrack (Leonard Bernstein) "I sometimes listen to this on repeat for days," Quinn says. "In West Side Story, the angsty modern interpretation of the Romeo and Juliet tale, this was the centerpiece of the local community dance event. The drama was high, and romance was rabid. It's a feverish party anthem that sets off a Latin firework of flavor, thanks to the genius of Leonard Bernstein. Mambo!" What's your favorite birthday track? Tell us in the comments. Top 40 Songs with Arizona in the Title 9 Tips for Using A Fake ID To Get Into A Show Here's How Not to Approach a Journalist on Facebook The 30 Most Disturbing Songs of All Time

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.