Five WWE Wrestlers With Surprising Taste in Music (feat. Daniel Bryan's Indie Single)

I'm going to be honest, here: As a pro wrestling fan who swore off the stuff after WCW hired Vince Russo (come on), I was under the impression that WWE Raw--at the US Airways Center next Monday--was basically a miasma of post-grunge and post-post-grunge and rap-rock at this point, and that its wrestlers were basically into the same stuff. Compared to Jake the Snake's theme, this was obviously a huge step down.

But Benjamin Leatherman, our actual clubs editor and de facto pro wrestling editor, let me know I was wrong. Which was easy for him, since he'd interviewed CM Punk about it a while back on this very blog. Here, then, as penitence, are five wrestlers whose musical tastes might surprise you.

Especially if your last Favorite Wrestler was Koko B. Ware.

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Dan Moore