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Stevie Nicks Is the Star of a New Comic Book

Melissa Fossum

Stevie Nicks may not call Arizona home anymore, but she was born in Phoenix and lived in Paradise Valley for decades, so she's definitely one of the Grand Canyon State's favorite daughters.

The Fleetwood Mac legend has received countless accolades over the years, but until today, she wasn't the star of her own comic book.

Nicks is getting the illustrated treatment in the latest edition of Female Force, a comics series published by Portland, Oregon-based TidalWave Productions.

Female Force: Stevie Nicks is a 22-page comic written by Michael Frizell with art by Ramon Salas.

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The hardcover version of Female Force: Stevie Nicks.
TidalWave Productions
Frizell, an educator at Missouri State University in Springfield, said in a release, “There’s a popular meme that talks about how Taylor Swift writes sad songs about her exes, but Stevie Nicks makes her exes sing songs she wrote about them explaining how horrible they are, and every time I see it, I laugh. Stevie’s fearlessness makes her a rock legend and explains her staying power and popularity.”

Female Force: Stevie Nicks is available both digitally and in print and can be found on multiple platforms. The book will be available in hardback with a cover by famed comic book artist Yonami as well as a paperback cover by Ramon Salas.

Other famous women who have gotten the Female Force treatment include Michelle Obama, Betty White, and Dolly Parton. Visit the TidalWave Productions website for more info.
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