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Flier of the Week: Nobility Obliged, Bird by Bird and Culture Chemistry at Chyro Arts

Ah, there are so many great things about this flier for the Nobility Obliged show tonight, March 11, at Chyro Arts.

First: it's pink. How punk rock is that? Not that the bands playing are exactly punk rock. Phoenix band Nobility Obliged and Cali-based Bird by Bird are more indie, and Phoenix group Culture Chemistry are totally poppy. So, it totally makes sense the flier's done up in pink--teenage girls are sure to love all three bands.

Second: The artwork is awesome. The intricacy of the birds looks like the work of a true professional, and the background is sort of like one of those magic eye games--you'll want to hold up the flier close to make out exactly what's going on.

And, third: There are freaking birds on the flier! It's always great to see animals get some loving, but birds in particular are some of the most peaceful, beautiful winged creatures, and to see so many different types of birds in perfect harmony on a flier makes it seem like only good things are to come from this show.

The birds might have been a choice in conjunction with the out-of-town performer, Bird by Bird, a band fronted by Jonathan Devoto, of The Matches. The Matches are currently on a hiatus, allowing Devoto to create a band with catchier melodies than fans of his old group may be used to.

Bird by Bird will have a limited-edition EP, Albatross, available only at the show. Nobility Obliged is also still selling their self-titled EP.

Devoto, is currently on tour, took some time to answer some questions about the show.

You're only a few dates in, but how is your tour going so far? You're right, it's only a few days in, but I can't tell you how good it feels. I've been off tour for about a year now. I knew I missed it, but I didn't know how much I missed it until the first day of this new tour when we all jumped in the van for the first show. There's something about living out of a bag, reading a book in the back of a moving van, not knowing where your next shower or meal will be, that just feels right to me. Anything else feels unnatural.

Why did The Matches go on hiatus, and why did you decide to form Bird by Bird? How would you compare the bands? The Matches were together for a long time, and it was great, but time for something new. Change is a scary but necessary part of life. Bird by Bird is, of course, influenced by the Matches. The Matches was such a big part of my life, it would be impossible for that not to be the case. We're different in the sense that the Matches strived to be as artsy and quirky as we could be. With Bird by Bird, I'm trying to write songs that are easier to connect to.

Tell me about Albatross. Albatross is a very limited-run EP that we pressed only for this tour. We're still figuring out album release plans, but didn't want to go out on tour without any music to sell, so pressed this EP ourselves. We have more songs recorded besides the five that are on the EP and can't wait to release those hopefully in the near-future.

Where did the name come from? The band name in part came from recurring dreams of flight that I was having and the fact that birds can fly. There's also a book, Bird by Bird, by author Anne Lamott.

Tickets for the all-ages show, which starts at 7 p.m., are $8 and available at www.psykosteve.com.

If you have a flier for an upcoming show, e-mail [email protected]

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